TransRockies – Q&A with Team HumpMe

Question and Answer with Jay and Thor of TransRockies Team HumpMe & DumpMe. Do not ask which one of us is HumpMe and which DumpMe. We don’t know, and honestly, we, umm… we don’t really want to know. Six days in the Rockies of Colorado will tell us more than we need to know.

1) What single word or phrase do you think of when you think about TransRockies?

Jay: Excitementfearfunandbeer

Thor: Epic. A life event.

2) When did you realize that TransRockies was something you had to do?

Jay: It was the day you (Thor) asked me to do it. Quite honestly I was honored that you asked me to run it with you. But like you, the photos of the scenery just pulled me in. I think it’s a great new chapter in running for me.

Thor: I knew this race was special from the moment my wife told me, “You should do this!” when she introduced me to the event. It was as if she knew it was something I had to do. And it was. I fell in love immediately with the idea of the race. The pictures solidified my interest. And when Jay said yes – I still remember that phone call with him calling to say, “I’m in!” – I knew it was on.

3) What are you most looking forward to at TransRockies?

Jay: The camaraderie, the scenery, and the life experience I’ll never forget.

Thor: I’m with Jay here. The camaraderie and scenery in an epic setting makes this a life event. Have you ever gone into something like this where you know, even before the event starts, that it’s something you will treasure for the rest of your life? That is TransRockies!

4) What are you least looking forward to at TransRockies?

Jay: The fear of the never ending hills. That feeling of wanting to launch myself off the mountainside in favor of moving forward. Haha.

Thor: Blisters. Well, not really. I’m least looking forward to… having to pee in the middle of the night knowing there are bears rummaging our little camping party in the Rocky Mountains.

5) TransRockies is really called Gore-Tex TransRockies Run due to the incredible support of Gore-Tex. There are many other sponsors that will be there, such as Salomon and Timex to name two, and they like to give out free swag. What item(s) would you get totally stoked about to receive as handouts?

Jay: I’d love a nice Timex watch for races but I’d really be happy with anything. Who doesn’t love swag?

Thor: I’ve read a lot of GREAT things about the new Salomon XR Crossmax shoes. I would love to try a pair in red! Or even the Salomon XT Wings 2, or the S-LAB… or…?

6) How long have you been running for?

Jay: I have been running for about 8 years.

Thor: Started running in college. Think it was the year 1989. I’ve run on and off, but mostly on since. A long time. It’s what I do. I don’t remember life without running.

7) Can you believe that TransRockies is less than three weeks away?

Jay: It’s crazy man. I really can’t. I am overwhelmingly excited though. It will be so out of my comfort zone that there is no way I cannot come out of this a better runner and better person.

Thor: I am SO with Jay. I can’t believe that in less than three weeks – really, it’s more like in just over two weeks – we will be at the starting line in Buena Vista, CO, kissing our wives goodbye and getting ready to scale the first of many, many mountain passes. I can’t focus on anything but TransRockies.


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