Training Week 8/1

Training for the week 8/1 through 8/7 was awesome, a second straight week of higher mileage and the completion of focused training for TransRockies. That’s it, folks. Training is done.

Although Jay, my TransRockies teammate, and I could have used another three weeks, one as a step back week and two more, one for a double long run on consecutive days and the other for a longer double, we are in as good a place as the time we allowed ourselves.

As I always say, you are better to be undertrained rather than overtrained. And so Jay and I will go into TransRockies undertrained but heading in the right direction. We will go into the race in a position of strength rather than weak from too many miles. Of course those three weeks would have helped. But alas, they were not meant to be. And so they won’t.

The week…

Mon: 4.5 miles easy
Tues: 11.25 miles including 4 x 1 mile @ TEMPO pace
Wed: 10.5 miles w/honest pacing
Thurs: 9.5 miles TRAILS w/Jay
Fri: 3.5 miles easy, rest day
Sat: 16.5 mile MOUNTAIN RUN @ Wachusett Mtn in 2:52.
Sun: 4 miles easy

Total mileage: 61

Quality workouts:

11.25 miles w/4 x 1+ miles @ TEMPO pacing
o WU – 45 min social
o 4 x 1+ miles (6:45, 6:53, 6:40, 7:03)
o CD – 10 min

10.5 miles into Andover and back through Harold Parker on roads.

9.5 miles on the River TRAIL w/Jay
Out: 43:02, Back: 43:07

16.5+ miles up and down Wachusett Mountain
*Lots of elevation change. Great run for our pacing. Efficient. Strong. For both.

Training for the upcoming week will be about scaling back the miles by weeding out a long mountain run, skipping any doubles, and going easy on mid-week speed to make it more like tempo pacing. The following week will be scaled way back, so I don’t want to just lay down this week, but I want to use it as a chance to assist recovery and to get back some energy.


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