TransRockies – Denver Arrival

Good morning from downtown Denver!

After a long flight, the wedding party of Jay & Gina and Heather & Thor arrived in Denver. Because of travel logistics including a two hour time change, our first order of business was to zip into downtown, check into the hotel, and grab some grub. Grub was found at Rock Bottom Brewery, the first of three brewpubs on the day. More on this later.

After stuffing our bellies full of beer and sandwich, Jay and I (officially known as Team HumpMe & DumpMe) decided to do a 30 minute shake out run to see what the elevation was all about at a mile above sea level. Not even 10 paces into our belly-filled slog, the elevation was more than apparent. I think both Jay and I had that, “What the hell are we getting ourselves into?” moment, and we voiced our thoughts on the altitude but otherwise plodded along. Exactly what we’ll have to do in a few short days (tomorrow, actually).

The elevation makes it seem as if you are breathing through a straw. Our hot groupie chicks noticed the elevation too in just walking around town, especially when there were stairs involved. We’re hopeful that we will adapt quickly.

Later that evening, the wedding party was booked at the Colorado Rockies game at Coors Field. But before we went there, we made what will probably go down in our personal history as a pilgrimage to the Great Divide Brewery. Jay wanted to try Hercules, a hopped up divine concoction of goodness, while Thor was focused on Belgica; however, the bartender talked them and the fine ladies at our sides into Anniversary ale that was wood aged. The beer was to die for.

Continuing their little pub crawl, the party next bellied up bar at Breakenridge Brewery. The beers there were good but, sorry to say, no where near what was had at Great Divide. While at Breakenridge, which by the way is only a stone’s throw away from Coors Field, the party met a bunch of locals who were ever-so-happy to share their knowledge of the city and mountains, and one was even so kind to tell us where to find Cocaine. We said thanks (for the tourist info) but no thanks (for the white powdery stuff). At one point Thor said, “Dude, didn’t I just tell you that we are here to run across the Rockies?” Cocaine? Really? No worries though, these grumpy old men were harmless and fun. They just wanted to chat with two beautiful woman. Can’t say I blame them.

The Rockies game followed. By then we were all well into carbo loading with suds that although we had a blast at the game, and although we laughed hard, sucked wind climbing stairs, inhaled foot-long Brats, who knew there was a game going on. Rumor has it the Rockies were playing the LA Dodgers. There might have been a Grand Slam too. We didn’t see. We were too busy laughing.

Beautiful was the scenery from our upper deck seats, where you can see, for as far as the eye can travel, mountain passes overlapping mountain passes. Jay and I laughed at what Team HumpMe was in for.

More to come… also, check out Facebook for TONS of pictures of our pub crawl through Denver… oh, and the ballgame!


2 Responses to TransRockies – Denver Arrival

  1. Dave says:

    If you see my Daughter Jayme bib 128-1 tell her her dad wishes her well.

  2. Dave says:

    If you see my daughter Jayme bib 128-1 tell her have fun from her dad

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