New Year’s Boston Marathon

2nd Annual New Year’s Boston Marathon Run
Boston, Massachusetts
Sunday, January 1, 2012

26.2 miles
Time: 4:49 (last year 3:45)
4 runners went all the way (last year had 2)
Marathon #66

Michael Robertson blog – Awesome Run Report w/pictures: here
Thor’s FB photos: here
Video #1 – Ashland – Mile 4: here
Video #2 – Citgo – Mile 25: here
Video #3 – Finish – Mile 26.2: here

Run Report

For the second year in a row, I decided that I wanted to ring in the New Year by running the course of the most famous marathon in the world, the Boston Marathon. I had so much fun the year before doing just this that I wanted to do it again. Only this year I was deciding between joining another group, one led by Gary Allen starting at an earlier time, or putting one together myself.

In the weeks leading up to when the calendar would flip from December to January, the decision was made for me when friends started asking me about the “New Year’s Boston Marathon” and if I was putting a group together this year.

At Mill Cities, almost a month away, fellow Goon, Dr. Methane, asked, “Are you running the Boston Marathon course again on New Year’s Day?” Before I could answer, he added, “I’m in if you are.” A few others voiced interested there and over the weeks, with several e-mails coming into my inbox. A 2nd Annual running was cemented during a Christmas Run with the Borderline Running Club, when Bob purposely sought me out to say, “If you put a group together, I’m in… I really want to do this.”

The New Year’s Boston Marathon run was on.

Travel logistics had most of us meeting early morning in Newton in front of the Newton-Wellesley Hospital, conveniently mile 16.5 on the marathon course. Others would jump in along the way. We parked cars, hopped in others, and made the trek to Hopkinton for the start.

New Year's Boston Marathon - Happy group at the starting line in Hopkinton

There were ten of us for the start. One would be going 7 miles, two were in for the first 16 to Newton Lower Falls, and one for 16.5 back to our cars at the hospital in Newton; during the way we would gain a few, including Michael at mile 13 at, where he would say, “Marathon Sports Newton, this way I will run Marathon Sports to Marathon Sports.” Marathon Sports is a popular running shore in the Boston area.

New Year's Boston Marathon - Chuck and Don, two buddies from the mountain summer series, join in for the start.

In addition to the many, Chuck and Don, two of my pals from the USATF-NE Mountain Series, showed up to run the first 16 miles to Newton Lower Falls. Between the two of them, they have run the Mount Washington Road Race over 40 times. This is no joke.

New Year's Boston Marathon - BRC members Bill, Carol, Bob and Thor at the starting line.

Joining the numbers were Bill, Carol, Bob and Thor (that’s me) from the Borderline Running Club. I had extended invite to all of BRC, and I hoped to get more numbers, but I had a lot of interest voiced and had three bag out last minute. So I am hopeful that next year this becomes a BRC staple.

Bill was in for the first 17 miles to our cars at Newton-Wellesley just before the fire station, and Carol was in for the first 7. Carol was awesome, because after running her share, she provided aid through mile 13. Thank you, Carol!

And Bob, what about Bob? He was silly. He was in for the long haul.

Time to start!

New Year's Boston Marathon - Official Starting Line!

Town borders…


New Year's Boston Marathon - Entering Ashland, the happy group stayed intact.


New Year's Boston Marathon - Entering Framingham, the morning was warming up quickly and the smiles were still radiant.

Aid Station #1

New Year's Boston Marathon - Aid Station #1 was the back of Carol's car in front of Dunkin Donuts.


New Year's Boston Marathon - Natick came quickly, but we were still happy to see new borders.

Aid Station #2

Aid Station #2

New Year's Boston Marathon - Aid Station #2, thanks yet again to Carol, and yet again at a Dunkin Donuts. Hey, they have bathrooms available. You'd stop there too!

New Year's Boston Marathon - The group waves goodbye and gives great thanks to Carol!

New Year's Boston Marathon - Like America, Bob Runs on Dunkin!


New Year's Boston Marathon - Entering Wellesely... we made it halfway!

As our happy group made our way through Wellesley, minus the screaming girls giving free kisses without fear of a jail sentence, we had an unexpected surprise with a pair of roadside Methane Man supporters. Methane is a Goon name for Gary. His supporters breathed a shot of energy into those remaining… and even newcomer Michael, who we picked up at the same spot!

New Year's Boston Marathon - A welcome surprise and shot of adrenaline, Gary had supporters out on the course. Why does he get all the pretty chicks? No fair. But anyway, on we ran...

New Year's Boston Marathon - Gary aka "Methane Man" has supporters show up en route as an unexpected but a very welcome aid station and shot of energy.


New Year's Boston Marathon - Entering Newton, our numbers and smiles were still strong, but one of those would change shortly.

We had plenty of energy in the tank. Those of us going long were still feeling good, and those who were soon to go home were also feeling good, each for different reasons.

New Year's Boston Marathon - That's a little more like it!

Sadly, our little group, four of whom were going all the way, that being Bob, Brenda, Gary and Thor, had to say goodbye to Chuck and Don first and then Bill a little later on. A fun, happy group, conversation was still strong. We missed our friends but forged on nonetheless.

NEWTON – Fire house

New Year's Boston Marathon - Making a left at the Fire Station in Newton, before the hills began.


New Year's Boston Marathon - Entering Brighton, just after the Newton hills, including Heartbreak, it was all down hill from here... except for the remaining ups along the way. Pictured: Thor, Brenda (always smiling), Gary (never smiling), and Bob (always goofing off).


New Year's Boston Marathon - Entering Brookline, although we almost missed this sign if not for Bob, who grew up around the corner. The rest of us were too tired to notice, until Bob shouted, STOP! Brookline. We were all pretty pumped because we knew we had only 4 miles or less remaining!

Happy New Year!

New Year's Boston Marathon - 2012 Ice Sculpture was put out just for us in front of a stray Chinese restaurant. How nice. Happy New Year!


New Year's Boston Marathon - First (really second) glimpse of the Citgo sign. I made Michael stop and pose, for I knew that sign and seeing it meant a lot to him, as it does for so many for so many different reasons. Having him for the second half was awesome and a solid shot of fresh energy.


Right on Hereford, Left on Boylston!

New Year's Boston Marathon - Right on Hereford, Left on Boylston, our happy group was following strick orders, and we were almost there. If you look real close you can see the finish line all the way down the street. Well, maybe not in this picture; but in our minds we saw it. Heck, we smelled it! Or maybe that was just Bob. What about Bob? I don't know.


New Year's Boston Marathon - Finish Line!

One more time…

New Year's Boston Marathon - At the Boston Marathon Finish Line, the group is happy and done. Congratulations go out to Brenda (smile!), Bob (please don't smile), Gary (smile? pretty please), and Michael on your FIRST feat. There are other ways to ring in the new year, but this, it was all agreed, is something none of us will ever forget.

There is always beer involved, right? Right.

New Year's Boston Marathon - Cheers to a FIRST FEAT!

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