Training Week 1/16

With the Ocala Marathon at the tail end of the week, training was fairly muted for the period 1/16 to 1/22. Although Ocala was a B-race — one in which I didn’t specifically train for and one in which I would mostly train through — I wanted to use it, at minimum, as a long run at honest-effort and the chance to log Marathon #68.

With all of that in mind, I scaled back on miles this week just in case, come race day, I found myself front of the pack in this low-key marathon affair. This way I could at least take advantage of any opportunities presented.

Race report coming soon; in the meantime, the week looked like this…

Week 1/16:

Mon: 4 miles, very easy – roads
Tues: 4 miles, tempo – snowy roads
Wed: 5 miles, slow social – roads
Thurs: 4 miles, easy – roads
Fri: 3 miles, easy – snowy & icy roads
Sat: 1.5 miles, easy — roads
Sun: 26.2 miles, Ocala Marathon, 3:03, 4th place overall, 1st Master

Total miles: 48 miles

Goal for the coming week is to recover from Ocala — nothing more.


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