Training Week 1/23

Training for the week 1/23 to 1/29 went according to plan. Having run the Ocala Marathon last Sunday (race report coming soon), the goal was to recover, enjoy the rest of my stay in Florida, and end the week feeling as spunky as possible. And that’s exactly how I felt by end of week.

Pretty bland, but sometimes bland is good.

Week 1/23:

Mon: 2.5 miles, very, very easy – road
Tues: 4 miles, easy – road
Wed: 7.5 miles, tempo (legs feeling good) – road
Thurs: 2 miles, easy – road
Fri: 4 miles, easy – snowy & icy roads
Sat: 15 miles, easy social — road
Sun: 7.5 miles, easy social, including 8 x grassy hill (20%) repeat — trail

Total miles: 42

Goal for the coming week will be to get on with speed work. Have two to three weeks prior to Hyannis (a C-race) in which to layer in more speed, so that’s what I hope to do. Will also start layering in some hill work, but not this week. My body is feeling good, and my mind is plugged in, so rather than chance either by starting back too quickly, I will ease into it this week.


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