Training Week 3/12

Training for the week 3/12 to 3/18 was spot on. Not only did I get in a little bit of hill work, I got in speed work in a variety of workout: mid-week proper speed work, some speed in my “long run”, and speed in the form of a 5K road race.

Proper speed was sturdy with 4 x 2 mile repeats at roughly half marathon pace. Speed in the long run was easy since this week was a step back week in distance. And the race, the Ras na hEireann, was to the tune of a 17:47 (5:44 pace), which was good for 21st place of 5000 and 3rd Master.

Happy with the way the week shaped up. Feeling good in body, slightly ragged in mind, but need to watch a pain that’s been building deep within my inner ankle/calf area.

Week 3/12

Mon: 4 miles, easy hilly – road
Tues: 9 miles, easy social + 5 hill repeats – road
Wed: 14.5 miles, speed (4 x 2 mile @ ~6:20+) – road
Thurs: 5 miles, tempo-ish – road
Fri: 4 miles, strong effort – road
Sat: 12.5 miles, social w/some speed – road
Sun: 6 miles, Ras na hEireann 5K, 17:47 (5:44 pace) – road

Total miles: 55

Quality Workouts

Tuesday: 9 mile run in 1:13:10 with 5 hill repeats of a 2 min hill:
o WU – 45:51 min social, easy
o 5 x Willis Hill (2:00, 1:58, 1:55, 1:58, 1:56)
o CD – 8:13 tempo home
*Felt fairly strong and bouncy once I got going.

Wednesday: 14.5 mile speed session in 1:44:17:
o WU – ~2.5 mile run to park (23:00)
o 4 x 2 miles @ HM effort w/.5 mile jog
o CD – 2.5 mile run home (17:01)
*Splits were as follows:
1 – 6:25, 6:19
2 – 6:15, 6:19
3 – 6:21, 6:28
4 – 6:33, 6:37
**Last 2 mile repeat was tough, as is obvious by the slowdown, but overall kept effort steady even though splits were up and down.
***CD pace back home was solid, which tells me where my fitness is.

Saturday: 12.5 mile run:
o WU – 6 miles
o Pickups of: .25, .5, 1+ miles @HM pace

Sunday: Ras na hEireann 5K, Somerville, MA
17:47 (5:44 pace)
21st overall of 5000
3rd place Master 40+
1 – 5:34
2 – 5:41
3 – 5:42 – think this was a touch short
.1 – :49

Next Week

Goal for the upcoming week will be to get in hills and proper speed mid-week and then run long on the weekend. And to do it all feeling good and tending to the deep but growing pain in the calf/ankle area.


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