Training Week 3/26

Training for the week 3/26 to 4/1 went well. Sort of. My original plan was to take this week easy, being that I ran marathon distance over the Boston Marathon course the Saturday before coming into this week. Original thought was to step back this week and then put in one more hard week before Boston, but I felt very good and recovered very quickly after doing marathon distance, and so I decided to keep on the gas pedal so that I could rest the following week.

And maybe that was a mistake. Because although I had a great week with quality speed and hill workouts, I didn’t escape the week without cause for concern over a possible injury. Where I entered the week feeling strong and fast, I exited feeling run-down tired with pain in the bottom of my foot.

This will just mean that I’ll coast from here until Boston. I’ll run hard only when I feel I can. Hopefully the tender area will go away. I am hopeful.

Week 3/26

Mon: 3.5 miles, easy – road
Tues: 6 miles including 5 x 800 @ 6:20 – road
Wed: 13.5 miles, speed 6 x 1 mile @ ~6:10+ – road
Thurs: 8 miles including 7 x Hill – road
Fri: 5 miles, easy – road
Sat: 14 miles, Boston Marathon course, social out and back from Wellesley to over Heartbreak Hill in 1:54 – road
Sun: 9 miles, social + 5 crazy hill repeats (stairs + steep hill) in 1:25 – trails

Total miles: 59

Quality Workouts

Wednesday: 13.5 mile speed session in 1:42:21:
o WU – 2.5 mile jog to park (23:34)
o 6 x 1 mile @ ~6:10 w/.5 mile jog (6:11, 6:07, 6:04, 6:09, 6:12, 6:22)
o CD – 2.5 mile tempo home (19:42)
*Pace was aggressively comfortable. Not all out, but no walk in the park. Call it 10K to HM pace.

Thursday: 8 mile hill run including 7 “two minute” hills in just over an hour:
o WU – ~3.5 miles in 29:33 (included pass of Hill 1)
o 6 x Hill
Repeats were (Hill1, Hill2):
– 2:12, 2:10
– 2:13, 2:12
– 2:15, 2:18
*Tired due to yesterday’s speed work, so all hill repeats were a notch back from being overly aggressive. Let’s call the effort mildly aggressive.
**Workout = Charge Hill1 (Haverhill), jog down Hill2, Charge Hill2 (Aspen), jog down Hill1.

Next Week

Goal for the coming week will be to heal up the tender area under my foot. If I can get the pain to go away, I will layer in a scaled back, tapered version of speed and, if that’s good, some hill work, too. Otherwise I will lay down this week. No worries, though, because I’m trained to kick ass. Just need to get healthy and get back that zip in the legs.


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