Training Week 4/2

Training for the week 4/2 to 4/8 was an up and down roller coaster with a massive derailment by week’s end.

Entering the week, I was feeling unusual soreness in my feet. I didn’t think much of it, other than the pain being residual tenderness from having done some really cool hill repeats on a 45% grade at my favorite set of trails, with the repeat being up AND down to work the quads. It seemed fun at the time, and it was, but it wrecked my feet. Two days later the soreness subsided enough for me to get in mid-week speed, my last session before Boston. When the soreness returned later that day, I decided to take it easy until the weekend, only the pain, the next day, got so bad that I couldn’t walk. It was that bad. I was sure Boston was done. This was a real pain, a real injury, something I could just train through. Forced rest was handed upon my marathon parade. Unique about the injury was that when it would hurt, I couldn’t walk; when it was not hurting so bad, it was just tender with general weakness under foot.

Research showed that I had a case of Turf Toe, where the big toe overextends in bending backward to tear or stretch the sack at the base of the toe and the ligaments attaching it to the plantar area.

A forced few days down followed, including Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, in what was my first weekend without training miles since this time last year when I had popped my calf at National Marathon. I iced and rested and iced and rested some more.

By Sunday the toe responded. I was able to do some mild yard work, and I even had a few times when I forgot to be careful, thereby stepping hard this way or that on the foot in a way that bent back the big toe. And everything held.

That the toe responded this quickly, I am hopeful I will heal enough to be able to race Boston, but I will have to be careful and patient to best put me in favorable position. The real goal is to get it healed enough to run Boston, so no  worries if I cannot race.

Week 4/2

Mon: 3 miles, easy – road
Tues: 5.65 miles, social – road
Wed: 12 miles, speed 3 x 2 miles @ ~6:20+ – road
Thurs: 4 miles, very easy – road
Fri: 2 miles INJURED keep-the-streak-alive – road
Sat: 2 miles INJURED keep-the-streak-alive – road
Sun: 2.5 miles INJURED keep-the-streak-alive – road

Total miles: 31

Quality Workouts

Wednesday: 12 mile speed session in 1:27:32:
o WU – ~2.5 mile run to park (23:42)
o 2 x 3 miles @ ~6:20 pace w/.5 mile jog
1 – 6:19, 6:20
2 – 6:17, 6:21
3 – 6:21, 6:25
o CD – ~2.5 miles home (16:53)
*Pace aggressive but not all out. Call it HM pace.
**Bottom of foot hurting since Sunday, and although it didn’t get worse, it doesn’t feel good. <– Turned into INJURY
***Strong pace on the return leg home; this shows me my fitness is good.

Next Week

Goal for the coming week is to continue doing whatever I can to heal up so that I can at least run Boston.


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