Training Week 4/9

Training for the week 4/9 through 4/15 was about getting my injury (Turf Toe) healed in time to be able to race Boston. And that’s what I did. I stayed off the toe for a bunch of days, and when the injury felt as if it were gone, I started up gradually until I could run at pace. Got lucky with this injury, but I was also smart about it (i.e. ice + rest), so I was able to steer my luck. By the end of the week, I was ready to race Boston — only little did I know that there would be something other than injury that would prevent me from running in what would become the Boston Massacre of 2012.

Week 4/9

Mon: 3 miles, easy – road
Tues: 6 miles, tempo (toe better but still tender, first run at-pace since injury) – road
Wed: 5 miles, hilly (to test toe), easy-ish – road
Thurs: 5 miles, easy-ish (first run w/o pain from injury) – road
Fri: 5 miles social, easy – road
Sat: 3 miles w/strides – road
Sun: 2+ miles w/strides – road

Total miles: 28

Next Week

Goal for the next week will be to survive the heat forecast for the Boston Marathon. Spend the remainder of the week recovering. Try to get some spring back in the legs by Friday.


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