Training Week 6/25

Training for the week 6/25 to 7/1 was solid with much volume. Mid-week base miles, long run of 6 hours on the weekend, and Lyme disease at the end of the week. Yeah, Lyme. I got it. As of this writing, I am on meds and, thankfully, on top of the Lyme. What a nasty disease.

Week 6/25

Mon: 3.5 miles, easy – road
Tues: 5.65 miles, social – road
Tues II: 8 miles, tempo – road
Wed: 11.5 miles – trails
Thurs: 8 miles, easy – road
Fri: 4 miles, easy – road
Sat: 26.2 miles in 6 hours @ Ward Reservation – trails/hills
Sun: 1 mile keep-the-streak-alive run – road

Total miles: 68 miles

Quality Workouts

Tuesday: 8 mile tempo run on bike path near work. Went out aggressive and worked into race pace. Solid run in just over 50 minutes.

Wednesday: 11.5 mile trail run, two loops in Ward Reservation.

Saturday: 26.2 miles in 6 hours @ Ward Reservation. Started at 3 am in the morning, so got in 1.5 hours in complete darkness, which I will have to do in the Death Race. Very, very, very tired at the end. Little did I know that I would, hours later, get hammered with Lyme Disease.

Next Week

Too late. Got Lyme. Goal turned into surviving the stupid, harsh disease.


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