Training Week 8/20

Training for the week 8/20 to 8/26 was about spinning up the wheels again with speed while officially declaring an end to the three week recovery period that was the Canadian Death Race.

Although I had to push back mid-week speed to Thursday because of discomfort caused by a nasty case of poison ivy, I stuck to my guns for a speed session on the track of 5 x 1 mile. It felt pretty good in body even tough my breathing was a bit ragged.

On on top of that I put in a solid effort at Beverly Commons 7.3 mile trail race, where I came in 10th place overall and took 1st Master.

Then on Sunday I joined Jay for his long run with speed, completing a stretch of 3 quality runs in four days.

A great week and a good return to speed.

Week 8/20

Mon: 2.5 miles, easy – road
Tues: 6 miles, tempo – road
Wed: 5 miles, easy – road
Thurs: 10 miles, speed 5 x 1 mile – track
Fri: 4.25 miles, easy – road
Sat: 10 miles, including 7.3 mile Beverly Commons Trail Race – trail
Sun: 16 miles, various speed – road

Total miles: 54 miles

Quality Workouts

Thursday: 10 mile speed session of 5 x 1 mile
o WU – 2 mile jog to local track
o 5 x 1 mile (5:49, 5:53, 5:54, 5:58, 6:01) w/1 lap recovery jog
o CD – 2 mile jog home
*Felt good to spin up the legs again, though I was breathing a bit more ragged than I wanted. All good.

Saturday: 7.3 mile Beverly Commons Trail Race
10th place overall; 1st Master
Loop 1: 27:39; Loop 2: 29:10; Finish: ~56:50
*10 miles total

Sunday: 16 mile run in 2:05 (includes stops) w/Jay
o WU – 3 miles @ 8:00 pace or faster
o 4 miles @ 6:45 pace w/1 mile recover jog
o 3 miles @ 6:30 pace w/1 mile jog
o 2 miles @ 6:15 pace w/2 mile jog
*Jay’s workout — good speed; pace relative. Felt smooth in spite trail race the day before.

Next Week

Goal for the coming week will be to continue with mid-week speed with a focus on longer 2-mile intervals that will take the strength in my legs and convert that over to better running economy at faster than marathon pace. That plus a long run at week’s end. The rest is free-forming!

Beer of the Week

Wachusett Larry – Wachusett Larry is a sturdy IPA local to Massachusetts solid only in big bomber bottles. Hopped and high in alcohol, you will not be disappointed. This IPA has become among my favorites; it’s a nice treat, but you have to be careful, as although it is hopped-up, it is smoother than the taste, or perhaps that’s because of the high alcohol content. If you like hoppy beers, try Wachusett Larry. And I would say this even if Wachusett Mountain was not among my favorite places to train on trails for mountains.


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