Training Week 9/3

Training for the week 9/3 to 9/9 was yet again pretty damn solid. I was a good boy with a mid-week jam session of a track workout with long three mile intervals (3 of them!) focused on running economy at faster than marathon pace, and I got in two long runs, one with good quality.

Another week where I felt strong and fast, though I must say that I didn’t feel as smooth, nor as fast, as the last two weeks. Either way, I am feeling confident in my chances at going sub-3 at Smuttynose. Few more speed sessions and one more long run.

Week 9/3

Mon: 6 miles @ Ward – trail
Tues: 5.65 miles, social – road
Wed: 15 miles, including 3 x 3 miles @ 6:30 pace – road
Thurs: 6 miles @ Ward – trails
Fri: 6.5 miles, social – road
Sat: 17 miles, including lots of pace work, much at or faster than MP – road
Sun: 15.5 miles, social – road

Total miles: 71 miles

Quality Workouts

Wednesday: 15 mile speed session in 1:47 including 3 x 3 miles @ 6:30 pace working on running economy at slightly faster than marathon pace:
o WU – ~2.5 miles jog to local park (20:22)
o 3 x 3 miles @ 6:30 pace w/.5 mile recovery jog
o CD – 2.5 mile jog home (18:33)
1 – 6:32, 6:28, 6:25
2 – 6:22, 6:31, 6:30
3 – 6:39, 6:43, 6:38
**Got tired by the third interval.
***Felt okay. Not as great as in previous weeks, but this was hard nailing three 3-mile intervals. Rainy and humid 72F. Hard to breath.

Saturday: 17 mile long run in 2:11 (start to finish):
o WU – 2 miles
o 3 miles @ 7:20-7:30 – stop for water
o 3 miles @ 7:10 – stop for water
o 3 miles @ 6:20-6:30 – stop for water
o 6 miles @ 6:45
*Nice progression(ish) workout for me. Felt good.

 Sunday: 15.5 mile long run in 2:06 (start to finish) w/Clock Striders.

Next Week

Goal for the coming week will be mid-week speed with a focus on snappier intervals to keep the legs turning over fast and a long run by the end of the week. Because of Baby K activities, my weekend will be booked, so I’ll have to cram in speed and long during the week.

Beer of the Week

Bear Republic Red Rocket IPA – Red Rocket is a big beer in many ways. Not only is it hopped (to hell?) in true IPA fashion, but it is also a true red ale, stocked with the strong flavor of malt; not only that but it is also stocked with alcohol. If you like red ales, this is a good one. If you aren’t a fan of red ales, you might want to pass. Me, I love red ales, and Red Rocket combines a sturdy red ale with an abundance — but not too much for you hop heads — of hops. This is yet again another sipping beer. Bear Republic, out of California, makes some really good beers. I have yet to be disappointed or even ho-hum about any of their beers. Hop Rod IPA and Racer 5 IPA are good ones.


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