Training Week 2/25

March 5, 2013

Training for the week 2/25 to 3/03 could be summed up by three words:


The week showed me that I am finally over my recent 2.5 month long chronic reoccurring Soleus (lower calf) injury.

Not only did I get back to speed workouts this week, but I also logged a 3:06 marathon at Black Cat 20. The 3:06 felt good even though it should have due to taking the first five miles socially; what was awesome was that I had logged precisely zero miles at faster than 7:30 to 8:00 min pace from early December until mid-February.

Week 2/25

Mon: 4 miles, easy – road
Tues I: 5.65 miles, social – road
Tues II: 7 miles, TM speed including 2 x 2 mi, 1 x 1 mi @ 6:00 – treadmill
Wed: 8 miles, easy-to-near tempo – road
Thurs I: 5 miles, easy – road
Thurs II: 6.65 miles, TM tempo including 6 mi @ MP (6:48) – treadmill
Fri: 3.5 miles, easy – road
Sat: 27 miles, WU + Black Panther 26.2, 3:06 – road
Sun: 2.5 miles, recovery run– road

Total miles: 59 miles

Quality Workouts

Tuesday: 7 mile speed session on the TM in just under 46 minutes (incline @ 1%):
o WU – 5 mins @ 7:40 w/ a pick up or two to warm legs up
o 2 x 2 miles @ 6:00 w/3 min jog
o 1 x 1 mile @ 6:00 w/3 min jog
o 3 min @ 6:49
*Was hoping to go 3 x 2 miles but just didn’t have it on that third set, so I cut it to a mile. It’s okay, as I’m just getting back on my speed groove. Plus, the way my spring goals are shaping up, I don’t really need speed — but I’ll still try to keep it.

Thursday: 6.65 mile speed session on the TM in 46 min:
o WU – 5 min @ 7:47
o 6 miles @ 6:48 pace
o Done
*Just tried nail marathon pace for 5 miles. Went 6 instead. Got a ways to go to get back to pace. But felt good. Getting more smooth.

Saturday: Black Panther 26.2, 3:06:53
o WU – 5 miles in 38:30
o 21.2 miles @ near MP
o Marathon # 84

Next Week

Goal for the coming week will be to recover from Black Panther 26.2 and get back to building speed utilizing the treadmill. Although I do not need speed for my spring and summer goals, since I am coming off of injury, speed on treadmill allows me to get my legs back under me with turnover in a controlled manner to prevent re-injury.

Beer of the Week

Troegs Nugget Nectar – A model Imperial Pale Ale, this springtime arrival is one I go out of my way to get. It is that good. Pours orange and with a nose filled with hop character, you will not be disappointed. But go lightly, because this gem packs a punch.

Winter Break: officially over!

March 5, 2013

Winter Break and my hiatus from this space is officially over!

New year with new goals. I am committed and motivated.

Since my last post, an October entry last year in Training Week, I have been busy racing and running with a rambling of focus, which is how I always treat the off season.

Notable runs/races (not all races included):

During this time I have been able to keep my marathon-a-month streak alive (as of this writing, streak at 17 months) despite a recurrence of a chronic Soleus (lower calf) injury. I am now on top of the injury, with my streak in tact, and looking ahead to 2013.

Speaking of 2013, although it’s hard to lay out a race schedule now with a newborn at home, this is what I’m thinking:

  • Mar. 30: Bad Ass Fat Ass 50K
  • Apr. 15: Boston Double (Boston Marathon x 2 w/5 am start downtown)
  • Apr. 27: TARC Spring Classic 50K
  • May: Epic Training Runs!
  • June 14: TARC 100

List does not include small races, such as VERT, random 5K’s, etc.