Training Week 3/4

March 11, 2013

Training for the week 3/4 to 3/10 was solid. Goals were to recover from Black Panther 26.2, which I did [somewhat], and get back on spinning the wheels, which I did on three separate occasions.

A solid mileage week in spite not logging a long run. No worries, though. Most importantly is that the Soleus injury that prevented me from running at or even near pace for the last 2.5 months is now totally under control.

On top of that, I was also able to hit it hard at the Ras na hEireann 5K, a race I do every year with friend Bernie and Clock Tavern in memory of The Baker. Although I ran a decent enough time (I should be in the 17’s), clocking 18:03 for 3rd Master 40+ and 28th overall of 5000, I was able to feel my lack of speed fitness, as I did not feel smooth but was still able to muscle through. It actually felt awesome to race again. Love riding that wire. It’s my drug.

Week 3/4

Mon: 4 miles, easy – road
Tues I: 5.65 miles, social – road
Tues II: 7.3 miles, TM speed including 5 x 1 mi @ 6:15 w/incline chg – treadmill
Wed: 8 miles, near tempo – road
Thurs I: 4 miles, easy – road
Thurs II: 6 miles, TM top end speed 2 min intervals starting @ 5:30 and dropping to 5:15 – treadmill
Fri: 3 miles, easy – road
Sat: 6.5 miles, easy – road
Sun: 11 miles, including Ras 5K in 18:03 (5:47 pace) – road

Total miles: 55 miles

Quality Workouts

Tuesday: 7.3 mile speed session on the TM in 50 min (incline @ 1%):
o WU – 4 mins @ 7:47 w/ a pick up or two to warm legs up
o 5 x 1 mile @ 6:15 w/middle two minutes at 5% – w/4 min jog

Thursday: 6 mile speed session on the TM in 40 min:
o WU – 5 min @ 7:47
o 7 min @ 6:00 pace
o 2 min @ 5:30 pace w/3′ jog
o 2 min @ 5:24
o 2 min @ 5:18
o 2 min @ 5:15
o 2 min @ 5:15
*Wanted to go to 5:12 on last interval, but belt started buckling at 5:15 making it too dangerous. No worries, though, as I might not have been able to hold it anyway.

Sunday: Ras na hEireann 5K, 18:03 (5:47 pace)
o WU – 4 miles
o Mile 1 – 5:46
o Mile 2 – 5:47
o 5K – 6:28
o CD – 4 miles

Next Week

Goal for the coming week will be to get back the zing in the legs and log some miles, preferably marathon distance somewhere.

Beer of the Week

Pretty Things Jack D’Or – Jack D’Or, pronounced Jack Door, is a Saison Americain style of beer weighing in at 6.5 ABV and only 57 IBUs. It is a very good take on saison and will do any Belgium fine. Backing its cause is that Pretty Things is a great supporter of Cambridge 5K events, and although I love Eddie O’s races and will support him in any race he puts on, this beer would still be high on my list. But I must say, it was through Cambridge 5K, specifically Yulefest in Harvard Square, where I was introduced to not only Jack D’Or but also Pretty Things. I pick one of these up on a regular basis. It’s that good. Next I need to get my hands on White Fluffy Rabbits by Pretty Things.