Training Week 3/11

Training for the week 3/11 to 3/17 was solid. Goals were to get in a semblance of speed work and log marathon distance, which is exactly what I did with speed on Tuesday and the Green Papaya Marathon Run on Thursday. The hope was to have a high mileage week since next week will be down as rest (and vacation).

Although the Green Papaya Marathon was run at easy pace, it was still a struggle for the first 8 miles, as I was not recovered fully from Black Panther Marathon and racing The Ras in the prior week. Still, I finally warmed up as the temperatures followed suit — or maybe it was the other way around. Finished feeling fairly strong but definitely in control with the ability to keep going, which bodes well for my shot at the Boston Double and, a few months later, TARC 100.

Week 3/11

Mon: 5 miles, easy – road
Tues: 11.5 miles, social/speed – road
Wed: 5 miles, easy – road
Wed II: 4.5 miles, social – road
Thurs: 26.2 miles, Green Papaya Marathon, 3:26:35 (7:53 pace) – road
Fri: 3+ miles, easy – road
Sat: 15 miles, social, hilly – road
Sun: 5.5 miles, social – frozen trails

Total miles: 76 miles

Quality Workouts

Tuesday: 11.5 miles including 4 x 1+ miles plus equal parts social:
o WU – 45:09 social run on regular Tuesday route
o 4 x 1+ miles @ 10K pace or slightly slower
6:45, 6:37
6:43, 6:44
*1 & 3 were the same, 2 & 4 same.
**Started losing power on last (4) interval. As you can see, I was also 7 seconds slower than first time around (2).

Thursday: Green Papaya Marathon, 3:26:35 (7:53 pace), 26.2 miles
*Took awhile to warm up in body, so each 5K was progressively faster with fastest at the end. Best part was that although I felt not so good in the first 8 miles on this fairly rolling hills course, I got it back under control and finished strong in mind and body.

Saturday: 15 miles over hilly route with friends. Charged a few of the longer hills.

Next Week

Goal for the coming week will be to rest. Nothing more.

Beer of the Week

Ommegang Hennepin – Those who know me well know that I love just about everything out of Ommegang, the brewery near Cooperstown in upstate New York that focuses on Belgia-styled ales. Hennepin is full-bodied and slightly hoppy and crisp, a very good take on a Saison Farmhouse Ale, weighing in at 7.7% ABV. Hennepin is among my all-time favorites. I enjoy it better than even Boulevard and many of the others. This is another that will not disappoint. But be careful; the alcohol can sneak up on you.


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