Training Week 4/22

April 29, 2013

Training for the week 4/22 to 4/28 was about recovering from the Boston Double as well as getting mentally and physically ready for the TARC Spring Classic 50K.Β  Although I never got to the point where I felt recovered from running 53 miles over the Boston Marathon course on Marathon Monday, I didn’t have a choice, as the weekend came anyway. Normally I would have bailed on this spring 50K, but since I am committed to making my summer race, the TARC 100, happen, I showed up with a smile even though my body just was quite ready.

I got exactly what I asked for. The Spring Classic 50K was slow for me, and it hurt more than it should, but it was fun and certainly a good notch in the old belt in my preparations. It was good to log so many quality miles on trails. And my, these trails — in Weston, the exact location (but different course) of the TARC 100 — were as sweet as you get here in the rock and root filled northeast.

And so now I will spend the upcoming week recovering from BOTH races! πŸ™‚

Week 4/22

Mon: 4 miles, easy – road
Tues: 5.65 miles, social – road
Wed: 11 miles, quick/sub-tempo – trails
Thurs: 4 miles, easy – road
Fri: 4 miles, easy – road
Sat: TARC Spring Classic 50K, logged 32 miles in all, 4:57 over trail 50K – trail
Sun: 1 mile keep-the-streak-alive run – road

Total miles: 62 miles

Quality Workouts

Wednesday: 11 miles @ Ward:
Loop 1 – 46:44
Loop 2 – 44:02
*Felt fatigued in body.

Saturday: TARC Spring Classic 50K
5 x 10K lap: 56:04, 56:44, 59:10, 1:00:38, 1:04:35
4:57:09, 21st place overall of 108

Next Week

Goal for the coming week will be to continue recovering from the Boston Double and TARC Spring 50K. Nothing more. Focus will be on stretching and trying to get back some zip in the legs. A middle distanced trail run mid week, too, if I’m feeling good. An otherwise rest week.

Beer of the Week

Boulevard Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale – This Boulevard Brewing Company’s take on a traditional Belgian-style farmhouse ale has become my go-to Belgian when I want to reward myself with a good beer after a worthy occasion. I had Tank 7 when my son was born. I enjoyed Tank 7 again after my Boston Double. And I poured one again after the Spring Classic 50K. Weighing in at 38 IBU’s, a number that seems to be carried higher due to a “big surge of fruity aromatics and grapefruit-hoppy notes, the flavor of this complex, straw-colored ale tapers off to a peppery, dry finish.” And damn, at 8.5% ABV, this beer is one to write home about. Pick it up. You will love it.

Training Week 4/15

April 22, 2013

Training for the week 4/15 to 4/21 was about making an attempt at the Boston Double (Boston Marathon x 2 in one day) and then recovering. The week started exactly as planned, even going so far as to turn amazing, with me completing the Boston Double in well under 8 hours. Then it all turned tragically sad in an unimaginable way.

I rested the body the rest of the week, but the mind really took a beating for the obvious reasons. Boston — the marathon and the town — was just too near and dear to me. I felt violated, vulnerable, and deeply saddened that such evil would exist in this world.

By week’s end, thankfully, the asshole’s responsible for the Boston Marathon attacks were dead or captured. And although deep sadness still lasts for the innocent victims, it was like the weight of the world lifted from my shoulders. Free again.

It was a long week for everyone involved.

North Reading Patch did a few articles on me and my reaction:

Boston Double and Reaction to Attacks: here

Reaction to Capture: here

Week 4/15

Mon: 52.4 miles (Boston Marathon x 2) – road
Tues: 1 mile, keep-the-streak-alive hobble – road
Wed: 2 miles, keep-the-streak-alive hobble – road
Thurs: 2.5 miles, slow – road
Fri: 5 miles, easy, feeling better – road
Sat: 12.5 miles social (easy, slow) – road
Sun: 5.5 miles social – road

Total miles: 82 miles

Quality Workouts

Monday: 53+ miles in total including Boston Double
Finish Line to Start: 4:00
Official Marathon: 3:51
*It got ugly, but I remained in control and was never forced to walk.

Next Week

Goal for the coming week will be to continue recovering and get back out on the trails. TARC Spring Classic 50K is at end of week. Still deciding whether I go forward with it. If I do, I will take it easy.

Beer of the Week

Sam Adams 26.2 – Sam Adams crafts this beer in honor of the Boston Marathon. It is a drinkable session styled beer that is a cross between a wheat beer and a saison, in my opinion. I like it. It’s not one to go far out of your way for, but it does the marathon well. And it takes amazing after you have run 26.2 miles — or even 52.4!

Training Week 4/8

April 17, 2013

Training for the week 4/8 to 4/14 was about trying to get my body rested and ready for an attempt at what I call the Boston Double, which is running the Boston Marathon twice in one day, the first time from the official finish line to the start, and then jump in the official race for the run from the start in Hopkinton to the finish in Boston.

Although I never felt any better due to a nagging hamstring attachment issue, which makes the body feel more fatigued than it really is, I did lay low by resting and running only easy.

But honestly, I didn’t need the body to feel “ready-set-go” in order to take a shot at achieving the goal crafted several months earlier. I knew I could do it. The only question was: how much would it hurt, and could I do it on my own accord (without being forced to walk)?

Rest this week would give me the answer next week (answer: yes, it did!).

Week 4/8

Mon: 5 miles, slow – road
Tues: 5.65 miles, easy – road
Wed: 4.25 miles, easy – road
Thurs: 3.25 miles, slow – road
Fri: 4 miles, easy, finally feeling better – road
Sat: 2.25 miles easy, slow – road
Sun: 1.25 miles – road

Total miles: 26 miles

Quality Workouts


Next Week

Goal for the coming week will be to achieve the goal that is the Boston Double. Mentally I am ready. But phyiscally, will I be there?

Beer of the Week

Sam Adams IPL – Sam Adams doesn’t have a lot of knock-your-socks-off beers, though I want to make clear that this isn’t a knock on Sam Adams. Not only was Sam a key contributor in the craft beer revolution, but Sam also is a staple cannot-go-wrong ale. Sam makes good beers, it’s just that for craft beers, other smaller breweries do much better at the smaller scale. But Sam does make a few bright light typeΒ  beers, and for me, Sam’s new IPL, India Pale Lager, as opposed to IPA, is worth a shot. Hoppy enough to please some hopheads, and enough malt flavor to appeal to me, someone who enjoys both IPAs and ESB’s, this beer is one I will go back for.

Training Week 4/1

April 9, 2013

Training for the week 4/1 to 4/7 was about laying low, recovering, and staying out of the way of speed or anything else that might aggravate the hamstring attachment issue I re-injured a few weeks back at the Cupcake race on the beach.

For the most part, I did just that, though I didn’t exactly get myself to feeling any better in the attachment area. Another down week will hopefully get me back in order before the Boston Double on Marathon Monday!

I capped the week off pushing my boy in the jog stroller at Doyle’s Road Race. It was our first race together. We ran 37:57 for 5 miles, which was good for 7:35 minute miles. Not bad considering my first mile was 10 minutes and second wasn’t much faster, while getting stuck all the way in the back of the pack for this 1,600 runner field. Last mile? 6:05 minute miles! We were flying!

Also, stay tuned for something pretty cool. Hint: Boston Globe/… videographer… Boston Marathon! πŸ™‚

Week 4/1

Mon: 4 miles, slow – road
Tues: 6 miles, easy – road
Wed: 8 miles, easy – road
Thurs: 4.25 miles, slow – road
Fri: 5 miles, easy but better – road
Sat: 11.5 miles in 1:38:58, social – trails
Sun: 6 miles total, Doyle’s Road Race – road

Total miles: 45 miles

Quality Workouts

Sunday: Doyle’s Road Race, 5 miles, 37:57 (7:35 pace)
Splits: 9:47, 14:44, 7:13, 6:05
*Started in back of race, stopped once in first mile, once in second mile. Second mile split was probably 8:30, while mile 3 was likely 6:15. Four had climbing in it, hence the slowdown to 7:13, and five was flying down hill. I dreamed about mile 5 years ago before I ever had a kid.

Next Week

Goal for the coming week will be to lay low and get ready for the Boston Double!

Beer of the Week

Mayflower 5th Year Anniversary Ale — Mayflower Anniversary, a limited-batch release double IPA made with five distinct hop varieties, has to be among my new all-time favorite IPAs. Who doesn’t like a double IPA? And this one, weighing in at 8.2 ABV, is to die for. Head right now to your local liquor store and pick up a 22 oz. bomber of it. You will NOT be disappointed. I promise!

Training Week 3/25

April 2, 2013

Training for the week 3/25 to 3/31 was about getting healthy from an injury sustained during the Race For The Cupcake 5K and, if I did, logging at least 50K in distance on the weekend as a last training run for the Boston Double.

While getting healthy took all week, and while the long, long weekend run was in doubt until Friday, I did both, the latter to the tune of a 35 mile run. On top of that, the run somehow got rid of the hamstring issues (upper and lower). Funny how that sometimes happens!

But the prize for the week was the 35 mile run. Better yet was that I felt in control and ran every step, completing the distance in 4:47 time @ 8:11 pace. I went through marathon in 3:35. I learned that for the Boston Double, which I am doing as training for TARC 100, my key summer race, I’ll want to go a little slower so that I can feel better for the second 26.2.

In addition to all of that, check out this article in which I was mentioned:

Delicious Fun

Folks, that’s what it’s all about!

Week 3/25

Mon: 4 miles, slow, injured – beach
Tues: 3.5 miles, slow, injured – beach
Wed: 8 miles, easy – road
Thurs: 6.5 miles, easy & slow – road
Fri: 4 miles, easy but better – road
Sat: 35 miles in 4:47 (8:11 pace) including marathon in 3:35 – road
Sun: 2+ miles, slow, recovery – road

Total miles: 63 miles

Quality Workouts

Saturday: 35 miles
o OUT – 17.5 miles in 2:26
o BACK – 17.5 miles in 2:21
o Marathon Split: 3:35

Next Week

Goal for the coming week will be to recover from last weekend’s long run. There’s not much else on tap. I have Doyle’s Road Race on Sunday, but I plan to throw it away, mainly because last time I raced — at the Race For The Cupcake a little over a week ago — I got injured, and I don’t want to derail the Boston Double nor TARC 100 that follows. Other than that, I plan to coast from here until Patriot’s Day (Boston Marathon and the Double).

Beer of the Week

Pretty Things Fluffy White Rabbits – Pretty Things sums up this beer far better than I could: “The beer is 8.5% abv, with Saaz, Styrian Goldings and Strisselspalt hops added aplenty. Fluffy mouthfeel: yes, really!Β  There’s a faint sweetness with tropical fruit undertones. Fluffy White Rabbits is a very ‘Pretty Things’ take on a Triple.” And it’s true. This is a solid take on a Belgium-style hopped up Triple. I will be getting this beer again, although I must say that there are a few better beers out there. Still, it’s worth a try; you will not be disappointed.