Marathons List Update

March 6, 2013

I finally got around to updating my Marathons List through early March 2013. At current standing, I have logged 84 marathons.

The list includes Ultras, marathons, and Ironman marathons. Also included are unofficial marathons where my goal was to run marathon distance.

At first I had not included unofficial marathons in the total count, but just recently — mainly because I had a change of heart after dreaming about the day I get to run my 100th — I fell back on my cardinal rule, which was:

“If the purpose of the run was to log marathon distance, and if it was timed [by me or other], I would count it.”

And so my count jumped by a few. So in some circles (Marathon Maniacs), some of these would not count, the truth is that, well, it’s my list — so I get to make the rules!


As always, an updated version of this always lives here!

The plan is to continue my marathon-a-month streak, hopefully through two years — currently at 17 months; will make the second streak of two years — which will take me to roughly 90 marathons by the end of the year.

Once I get within spitting distance and can smell number 100, I will formalize where I will run the prized Century number. Current thought is to either wing my own so that I can run it with friends and have family there, or I will return to the Cape Cod Marathon, site of my very first marathon back in October 1990.

Hopefully I will get there within two years, three tops.


Winter Break: officially over!

March 5, 2013

Winter Break and my hiatus from this space is officially over!

New year with new goals. I am committed and motivated.

Since my last post, an October entry last year in Training Week, I have been busy racing and running with a rambling of focus, which is how I always treat the off season.

Notable runs/races (not all races included):

During this time I have been able to keep my marathon-a-month streak alive (as of this writing, streak at 17 months) despite a recurrence of a chronic Soleus (lower calf) injury. I am now on top of the injury, with my streak in tact, and looking ahead to 2013.

Speaking of 2013, although it’s hard to lay out a race schedule now with a newborn at home, this is what I’m thinking:

  • Mar. 30: Bad Ass Fat Ass 50K
  • Apr. 15: Boston Double (Boston Marathon x 2 w/5 am start downtown)
  • Apr. 27: TARC Spring Classic 50K
  • May: Epic Training Runs!
  • June 14: TARC 100

List does not include small races, such as VERT, random 5K’s, etc.


I Am Published!

January 19, 2010

As mentioned in an earlier post, one of my short stories, “Fear’s Last Grasp,” has been included in a Mindset Triathlon anthology titled “Tri’s Toughest Sport.”

Tri’s Toughest Sport is now available free to download. Check out my story on page 17-18!

“Fear’s Last Grasp” is a true story about how I overcame an innate fear of the water — a near drowning when I was a kid — to go on to conquer the swim and, to do it with such conviction, that I even went on to complete an Ironman.

Streak Runner: 6 Year Anniversary

December 7, 2009

Today, Monday, December 7, 2009 marks year number 6 in which I have run at least a mile every day. Though some might call me certified, as in a certified idiot, I am known as a Streak Runner or, more simply, as a Streaker (minus the nudity).

My running streak got started many years ago during a time when I was not able to run even if I had wanted. It was a promise to myself years before the streak actually started; the promise was that once I got back to running, if that ever happened, I would celebrate life and the ability to run, if even for just a mile, each and every day by lacing up the running shoes and going out for a run. Luck beheld me, back I was to running, and up started the streak. The rest is history. I have been Streaking ever since.

Earth Footwear @ The Running Event (TRE)

November 2, 2009

As an Athletic Spokesperson for Earth Footwear, I will be in Austin, TX at The Running Event (TRE) on Tues., Nov. 11 and Wed., Nov. 12.

TRE is a conference and expo for Running Specialty Stores. I will be promoting Earth Athletic Recovery, a collection of footwear specifically designed for better athlete recovery pre- and post-workout.

Please drop in to say hello!

The Running Event (TRE)
Austin, TX
Nov. 11-12, 2009
Earth Footwear – Earth Athletic Recovery Collection
Expo: Booth 426

Team LIT does Montreal!

September 22, 2009

Team LIT does Montreal

In mid-September 2009, Heather and Thor traveled to the Canadian city of Montreal to participate in the Marathon de Montreal 2009 events. Heather stomped the half marathon while Thor celebrated the running of his 50th marathon in fine fashion.

Bonnie, their friend from Team LIT, one of Thor’s triathlon clubs, broke from her day to hook up for hours of swapping stories, dreaming of what is to come, and laughing at good jokes.

The fun started with running events…

Heather and Thor after crossing the finish line. Heather finished the half marathon in a speedy 2:08; Thor held on to finish as first American in 3:07.

After Heather and Thor finished their races, Bonnie joined to make the party three; the three meandered around the finish line area by catching up, spying early results, and grabbing a small bite.

Bonnie (in pink) and Heather spying results of the half marathon. They didn’t need to look; Thor could have told them that Heather stomped the 21.1K distance!

The plan then was to move onward — food and beer — but before that could happen, Heather and Thor washed up and changed into dry, clean clothes.

While getting changed in the locker room at the Olympic Stadium, site of the finish line, Thor nabbed this very fitting picture of his medal and his bib number depicting his 50th go at the marathon distance!

Next up was food and beer, or maybe beer and food, or maybe if Thor had his way beer and beer. Bonnie kindly offered to drive. They immediately hit traffic, which although wasn’t ideal for the growling stomaches, turned out more than perfect since the three chatted the time away, all non-stop!

Two hours later (no exaggeration), they found food. And Thor found his well-earned beer.

Bonnie and Heather enjoying the sun on the patio of an upper Montreal cafe specializing in hamburgers.

Bonnie, Heather, and Thor enjoying the sun, each other, and the day. The three spent hours, many hours, talking and talking for an all-around very fun time.

Since Bonnie had to get going, she dropped Heather and Thor off at their hotel. From there Heather and Thor showered and then, properly launching into Honeymoon Part II mode, continued the party.

Hey Heather: Got beer?

Don’t feel badly for Thor… he wasn’t far behind.

Thor got beer!

Journey to Triathlon

March 27, 2009

Triathlon was always something other people did. Not me. I could not swim. In fact, I did not swim. I wouldn’t even try. A near-drowning when I was a kid made sure of it.


The experience was still, 30 years later, so vivid and acute. I could still see my body being pushed into the deep end of the pool. I could still see myself plummet into the depths of the water, screams coming out of my mouth apparent only by the chaotic bubbles rushing upwards, me in sudden panache, knowing I would die, trying to hold my breath. Then something grabbing me, yanking me to surface, pulling me from water to deck. A hand pounding my back. Then suddenly a cough, then another, with water shooting from my mouth, I cried. And cried.


And I never forgot. Nor did I forgive. Water was evil. It was for other people. Not me. I didn’t swim. I did not want to swim.


Which was a shame. All of it. Because of the goals I formed as a wide-eyed sports-active kid. Watching the annual running of the NYC Marathon on TV year after year helped me form the goal of running a marathon. That I could do. Another was, after watching airing of the Race Across America, I wanted to ride my bike across the United States. I even knew the route I would one day take. And the last was, after being moved by it on TV, was to do an Ironman, only this was one goal that, quite sadly, I would never achieve. Because it involved swimming, something I had no interest in.


Over the following years, I went on to run many marathons and even go on crazy cycling adventures, never across the US, but certainly enough to satisfy both childhood dreams. But the other, Ironman, would never happen. In fact, it wasn’t even an option. So I ignored it by thinking up other goals in its place.


Until one day my wife (girlfriend at the time) announced that she wanted to do a triathlon. And she wanted me to do it with her. I laughed the idea off. The notion of me swimming was too far reaching to the point it was silly. I didn’t swim. Swimming was for other people.


Months went by. During this time my wife made only trace mention of her intentions with me all but ignoring her plea that I do a triathlon with her.


And then 4th of July came when we found ourselves at a family reunion in which we, along with family, were putting a huge dent in a full keg of Heineken.


My wife brought it up again. Only this time she didn’t wait for me to brush off the notion as silly. Instead, she talked right over me.


“Do it with me,” she said, “you will do awesome.”


But I don’t swim.


“And then you will want to do another.”


I don’t swim. Water is for other people.


“We could go down to Miami for our birthdays. There’s a half Iron on your birthday. You could do the half; I could do the shorter one.”




“And after that we can go to Germany for World Cup. You can do Ironman Germany; it’s around the same time.”


In a drunken-dare dream, even before I agreed to do a triathlon with her, I confessed my childhood dream of one day doing an Ironman.


Less than two months later we, together, did a sprint triathlon in Rhode Island called Try the Tri. That day I stared perhaps my greatest and deepest rooted fear in the eyes, one I’ve carried for nearly 30 years, and I kicked that son of a bitch right in the teeth. I went into the water that day with the idea that I might not come out. That is no exaggeration. I struggled in the water, it sucked, and at times I thought I might not make it, but I did. That day I crawled out of the ocean dead last of 200 others. I went on to finish in the top 30.


The rest, as they say, is history, one carved, almost to the path, by my future wife.