Training Week 4/15

Training for the week 4/15 to 4/21 was about making an attempt at the Boston Double (Boston Marathon x 2 in one day) and then recovering. The week started exactly as planned, even going so far as to turn amazing, with me completing the Boston Double in well under 8 hours. Then it all turned tragically sad in an unimaginable way.

I rested the body the rest of the week, but the mind really took a beating for the obvious reasons. Boston — the marathon and the town — was just too near and dear to me. I felt violated, vulnerable, and deeply saddened that such evil would exist in this world.

By week’s end, thankfully, the asshole’s responsible for the Boston Marathon attacks were dead or captured. And although deep sadness still lasts for the innocent victims, it was like the weight of the world lifted from my shoulders. Free again.

It was a long week for everyone involved.

North Reading Patch did a few articles on me and my reaction:

Boston Double and Reaction to Attacks: here

Reaction to Capture: here

Week 4/15

Mon: 52.4 miles (Boston Marathon x 2) – road
Tues: 1 mile, keep-the-streak-alive hobble – road
Wed: 2 miles, keep-the-streak-alive hobble – road
Thurs: 2.5 miles, slow – road
Fri: 5 miles, easy, feeling better – road
Sat: 12.5 miles social (easy, slow) – road
Sun: 5.5 miles social – road

Total miles: 82 miles

Quality Workouts

Monday: 53+ miles in total including Boston Double
Finish Line to Start: 4:00
Official Marathon: 3:51
*It got ugly, but I remained in control and was never forced to walk.

Next Week

Goal for the coming week will be to continue recovering and get back out on the trails. TARC Spring Classic 50K is at end of week. Still deciding whether I go forward with it. If I do, I will take it easy.

Beer of the Week

Sam Adams 26.2 – Sam Adams crafts this beer in honor of the Boston Marathon. It is a drinkable session styled beer that is a cross between a wheat beer and a saison, in my opinion. I like it. It’s not one to go far out of your way for, but it does the marathon well. And it takes amazing after you have run 26.2 miles — or even 52.4!


2 Responses to Training Week 4/15

  1. Alberto says:

    Just amazing Thor, great post and articles (in the Patch) . Congratulations!.

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