Marathons list through 101.

Marathons list through 101.



4 Responses to Marathons

  1. After seeing how many marathons you’ve got on my wife and me(about 30), I have suggested to my wife that we change our name to littleirongirlandrunningboy.
    Although you two do look pretty close at your Ironman times.

    • ironboy says:

      Hey Danny, nice to be in touch. I recognize your name, probably from Triathlon and mountain races. Love your blog title, and hey, best of luck to both you and Amber at Lake Placid. I did IMLP the year it poured crazy rain all damn day long. It was a slow day but I had a decent race, though was a little slow. My marathon spreadsheet is a little dated. The count is now up to 65. It’s a little inflated though, because I counted Ironman marathons and other events like that, such as ultras, etc. Be well, and best of luck! 🙂

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