Trakkers: February Update

Spring is still so far off, yet February has been so busy for Team Trakkers that it feels like the triathlon season is already ripping near. Here is just *some* of the good things going on, and stay tuned for a few more – like perhaps a very, very, very big splash coming very, very, very soon! J

Rock on!

Rev3: Weekly Live Radio Show!

Starting Wednesday, March 3, 2010 at 8:00 p.m. EST, Rev3 will have a weekly live radio show. With the lead up to the first race of the series in Knoxville, Tennessee and on through each of the others, Rev3 radio will interview Pro’s confirmed for the race, talk about the race series, training tips, and the course, and there will even be a phone number to call in for a public question and answer opportunity. In addition, there will also be a chat room. Check in at Rev3 for more information!

Team Blogs

Check out Team Trakkers blogs:

 Google bundle of Team Trakkers blogs:

Team Trakkers Pro’s blogs:



Saucony – Saucony has helped the team with training shoes. Check back here for a review on the Saucony Triumph 7’s and the fastest shoes on earth for happy feet, Saucony Fastwitch 4’s.

First Endurance – As Team Trakkers nutrition sponsor, FE has enabled us to achieve our best through nutritional support in the form of education and product. Coming soon will be a review the some great products. Wait until you hear about the FE gels – they are NOT like the others; they are far better! Don’t believe me? Check out this article on Slowtwich:

Tri-Swim – Tri-Swim is enabling Team Trakkers to be their best in the water. Coming soon will be a review on some very effective products.

Rev3 @ ING Atlanta Marathon

Stop by the Rev3 booth at the ING Atlanta Marathon expo March 19-20. Introduce yourself to professional triathlete Carole Sharpless… tell her you’re a friend of Thor’s and she might just hook you up!

Rev3 Race Series

Many top-named Pro’s have been signing up for one or all of the Rev3 Series races. Here is the current list:

Cedar Point:!/race-info/professional-triathletes/cedarPoint2010.htm

With Matty Reed, Craig Alexander, and Michael Lovato, among others, fighting for top honors on the Mens’ side; and Mirinda Carfrae, Natascha Badmann, and Amanda Lovato on the Women’s, each race will be a duel to the end. Don’t miss it. Especially with Trakkers GPS technology bring the race to you. You will be able to Share the Glory these fine professionals aim for.


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