Green Papaya Marathon

Green Papaya Marathon
North Reading, MA to Waltham, MA
Thursday, March 14 2013

26.2 mile marathon-distance run
3:26:35 (7:53 pace)Route: here

Run Report

Between jobs and with a lofty summer goal in the TARC 100, I decided to use my unstructured time away from work wisely by getting in a marathon distanced run. When Heather told me that she was meeting her brother for lunch mid-week at the Green Papaya Thai restaurant, my mind started working and, after playing around with, I had my goal. I would run marathon distance from my house in North Reading to the restaurant in Waltham.

Starting at my house, I ran due west straight into a rather steady and chilly headwind. Due to the cold morning (made colder by wind chill) and two days in a row with 10+ miles, including one with speed, I struggled for the first 8 to 10 miles with my pace in the low 8:00’s. Although I was not looking to run fast — or any given pace — low 8:00’s was rather slow, and it didn’t exactly feel smooth.

I followed a route west on Rt. 62 straight into the town of Bedford, where I hooked up with the Minuteman Bike Path. By this time I started feeling better and was running a pace comfortably in the 7:00s. Took MM bike path south into the well-known town of Lexington, where I then went due south-west toward Waltham. One trip around a reservoir and I reached my destination at the Green Papaya Thai restaurant, where Heather and her older brother were waiting for me. We had a nice lunch. Then home.

Pace started in the low 8:00’s and progressed faster to the mid 7:00’s, all comfortable. Best part was that I could have logged more miles, especially if I eased back on effort a bit. This bodes well for my attempt at the Boston Double.


One Response to Green Papaya Marathon

  1. Josh Katzman says:


    I love these sorts of runs – good on you! Two years ago for my birthday (12/24), we were driving up to Vermont to spend the holidays with my family and my wife suggested that I simply run from our place in Arlington to one of the exits in New Hampshire to meet her and my boys for lunch. Even though it ended with my hitchhiking (because of an injury), it is still one of my fondest running memories – a simple run that had a great sense of adventure!

    Looking forward to seeing you at the TARC Spring Class and TARC 100 (please make sure to say hello).

    Josh Katzman

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