Training Week 3/18

Training for the week 3/18 to 3/24 was about recovery. Although I did take the week easy with mostly short and very slow runs, recovery was sidetracked due to an injury — really a re-occurrence of an old Hammy Attachment issue — brought on by racing a 5K on the beach. The good news was that I won the race (Race For The Cupcake) by clocking sub-6 minute miles on the soft sands on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida. This was the 4th year in a row in which I have now won a race.

Week 3/18

Mon: 11 miles including 3 x 2 miles @ mild tempo pacing, speed – road/track
Tues: 3 miles, snow, slow – road
Wed: 5 miles, easy – road
Thurs: 5 miles, social & slow + 2 miles @ 5K race pace – road
Fri: 3+ miles, social & slow – road
Sat: 5 miles total including overall win @ the all-beach course of Race For The Cupcake 5K – beach
Sun: 2+ miles, social & slow – road, injured

Total miles: 34 miles

Quality Workouts

Monday: 11 miles including 3 x 2 miles:
o WU – 16:36 (jog to track)
o 3 x 2 miles @ mild tempo pacing
o CD – 19:30
1 – 6:26, 6:25
2 – 6:27, 6:24
3 – 6:41, 6:38

Saturday: Race For The Cupcake 5K, 18:27 on all-beach course, first place overall.
*Took 5K race pace and the lead from the gun and never looked back on this out and back course on the hard-packed sands along water’s edge. Would have clocked ~18:15 had I not stopped to run in with Jake, the Race Director.

Next Week

Goal for the coming week will be to get the hammy back to health so that I can resume the plan toward TARC 100. If I can get back to mostly health, I’ll lace ’em up for a low key 50K on the weekend.

Beer of the Week

Atomium Grand Cru – I have always had a thing — a good thing — for Grand Cru styled beers. Atomium by Brouwerij Van Steenberge N.V. was a solid take on the style. It reminded me a lot of the other more popular take on this style, perhaps the yardstick for which these are measured, Duval Golden Ale. You got more a feel for the honey in this beer, as is popular with this style, than the alcohol content, though weighing in at 8.0% ABV, you had to be careful because the beer was good enough to take your mind off it. I really enjoyed this beer even though I’ve had better. I would definitely get it again. And I would love to try this on tap someplace.


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  1. Race for CupCake! Brilliant!

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